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Just going to college might seem overwhelming and a little bit scary. Perhaps you don’t know anyone who has been to college, or you are worried that you won’t be able to pay for it. Plenty of people like you are wrestling with these issues. We are here to talk with you about all of these things! The truth is, applying to college is complicated.

Why the College Ambition Program?
What We Offer

CAP gives you the information you will need about college. All you need is to go to your school’s CAP center and ask one of our mentors to help! Even if you think college may not be for you, it is worth stopping into the CAP center and talking about making plans for after you graduate. There are lots of things to do after high school and CAP can help you figure out what is next.

The CAP Center

Here are some things that CAP can help you with- help with school work, college essays, and financial guidance. It is also a place for you to explore your options, learn about colleges and possible career choices. We have all the resources you’ll need at the CAP Center: college information, FAFSA forms, ACT study guides and more.

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